Anti-Reflective Coating

Anti-reflective coating improves not only your vision but how you look in your glasses. By eliminating reflections of light from the front and back surface of your lenses, the AR gives the illusion of near invisibility so people can see your eyes more clearly and you can look your best in all lighting conditions.

AR is especially beneficial when used on high-index lenses, which reflect more light than regular CR39 (plastic) lenses. As a rule, the higher the index of the lens material, the more light will be reflected from the surface of the lenses.

High index plastic lenses can reflect up to 50% more light than regular plastic lenses, so even less light is available to the eye for vision. This is especially noticeable in low-light conditions, such as night driving.

The visual benefits include sharper vision with less glare during night time driving and prolonged screen use (computers, phones, and tablets) when compared with lenses not treated with the AR coating. 

Back-Side Anti-Reflective coating is a great feature to consider for your sunglasses; as it eliminates the glare from sunlight reflecting into your eyes from the back surface of the lenses. 

Our Premium Anti-Reflective coatings come with a 2-year scratch warranty that helps protect you against the normal wear and tear we all experience as glasses owners. If you bring back your scratched lenses any time within 2 years from date of purchase, the lab will remake the lenses (in your original prescription) at no cost to you. 

As a note, please use care when cleaning your AR-coated lenses, as lens some lens cleaners may damage the coating. Always make sure that you wet the lens prior to cleaning. Using a dry cloth on a dry lens can cause scratches.